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Black Forest Entity – A Colorado Haunting

In 1990, Steve Lee and his family moved into what they thought was their dream home, but what would soon become one the most documented and debated hauntings in modern history. Continue reading

Ten Famous Ghost Pictures

We have lots of different images that are said to depict ghosts here. In this post we will take a look at ten of the most famous ghost pictures ever taken. These are the pictures that captured the imaginations of countless people and caused many to take a closer look at ghosts and other paranormal phenomena throughout history. Although some have been proven to be hoaxes, they all will remain some of the most famous ghost pictures ever taken. Continue reading

Man Builds Device To Communicate With Dead Daughter

Gary Galka made many attempts to reach out to his daughter, who had passed on. He lost his daughter eight years ago in a car crash and has since built more than thirty devices in hopes of hearing her voice, just one more time. Continue reading

Couple Sues Landlord After Moving Into Haunted House

Bed sheets pulled from the bed during the night, whispers that seem to come from nowhere and invisible forces pulling at your clothes. It may sound like the latest horror movie, but one New Jersey couple claims that it happened to them..And they are suing because of it. Continue reading

Ghost Theories

Someone once said that every man put on this earth was condemned to die. It was a sentence that began from the very first breath we took. While some go about their day, thinking that they are living their life, there are others who realize that every second that ticks on the clock brings them one step closer to the inevitable. Continue reading

The Strange Case Of The Polaroid Ghost Writer

We all know about evp's, ghost boxes and other ways that the living have attempted to speak to the dead. Although, one of the strangest cases of ghosts and spirit communication would have to be the Polaroid Ghost Writing case from Los Angeles, CA. Continue reading

Emails From Beyond The Grave?

When 32 year old Jack Froese, died in June 2011, he left behind a number of grieving friends and family. But the BBC reports that several mysterious emails from the dead mans account have brought closure to some who were close to him and disturbed others. Continue reading

Ghost Nun Photographed?

A photographer in Galway, Ireland has captured what many are saying is a real ghost on film. The photographer, Jonathan Curran, was taking a number of photographs near an area that had always been reported as haunted by locals. Curran was hoping to capture a panoramic view of the area, and Continue reading

Amityville House : What Really Happened

Christopher Lutz has spent many years trying to escape the ghosts of his past. He has even changed his name to avoid the attention. Part of his childhood has been made famous because of the home he lived in as a child. Lutz lived at 112 Ocean Blvd, Amityville, New York..The Amityville "Horror" House. Continue reading

Ghostly Image Captured by Demolition Crew

A demolition crew in Kendal, Crumbia snapped a photo just before demolishing an old Victorian Guesthouse (Meadowbank House). When the picture was developed, the crew was stunned to see what appears to be a ghostly woman staring out of a window in the Victorian home. Continue reading
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