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Ghost Videos: Valentown Museum Ghost

This video has become rather popular and was taken inside Valentown Museum located in Victor, NY. The museum is infamously haunted. The footage was captured by a surveillance camera and seems to show a ghostly apparition. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Mexico City Ghost Sighting

This Ghost Video was taken in Mexico City where a security guard had been killed. You can see that he appears to still be making his rounds. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Savannah Cemetery Ghost Video

This news story features a ghost video that was taken on the grounds of the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, GA. It shows what appears to be the ghost of a little boy chasing after a shadowy Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Seeing is Believing – Ghosts Caught On Film

Is seeing believing? Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Florida Theatre Ghost Video | Fact or Faked?

This is the disputed Florida Theatre Ghost Video as featured on Syfy's "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". The video shows what many have claimed to be an apparition in the balcony of the historical theater in Florida. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Vision of Ghost or Angel Caught On Film?

This video shows what many say could be a ghost, angel or possibly even the Virgin Mary caught on film. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: The Dead Speak | EVP Collection

A great and creepy EVP collection captured during the investigations of the videos creator. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Is It Real? Creepy Poltergeist Activity Caught On Tape

This is part two in a series of videos in which a man claims to be experiencing poltergeist or Ghost activity inside his home. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Scary Evp Mix | Ghost Adventures

This is a Video compilation with creepy evp recordings and other paranormal noises captured by the Ghost Adventures crew during investigations. Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Haunted House Ghost Encounter

Two paranormal investigators decide to check out Ohare Mansion in Greencastle Indiana that was rumored as being Haunted. Continue reading
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