Haunted Places

Travel the world’s Most Haunted Places at the Haunted and Scary Places pages of Mostly Ghosts!

Haunted Railroad Tracks – San Antonio, Texas

Just outside San Antonio, Texas lies a railroad crossing that has been the center of haunted legends and local folklore for many years. The story of this railroad track begins tragically, with a horrible accident involving a school bus and a train. Continue reading

The Mysterious Winchester House

Sure there are houses that claim to have ghosts and spirits. Although not many houses can claim to be built by spirits. That's exactly what many say about the Winchester House in San Jose, California. Continue reading

Bobby Mackey’s Music World | A Tragic and Haunted History

Not many buildings can claim to have a portal to hell in the basement. Then again, not many buildings have a history filled with emotional pain, murder and Satanic rituals like the infamously haunted Bobby Mackey's Music World. Continue reading

Real Haunted Houses | The Lizzie Borden House

The Lizzie Borden murders captivated the entire country during the late 19th century and continues to inspire ghost stories and tales of paranormal activity by anyone who dares to enter the home of Lizzie Borden. Continue reading

Haunted High School | Airport High School in South Carolina

Students at Airport High School in Columbia, SC are not as eager to stay for after school activities as many other high school students may be. Continue reading

The Ghostly Wails of Luana’s Canyon

Luana's Canyon is situated just southeast of the small town known as Kingman, Arizona. It was during the 1800's that a family lived in the canyon in a small wooden shack. Continue reading

Hell’s Gate in Alabama

The old bridge sits in waiting. Weeds are creeping closer and covering more of the seemingly ancient bridge everyday. Its wooden planks once held the weight of passing vehicles but now holds stories rumors and legends that may never die. Continue reading

The Riddle House

The Riddle House was built in 1905 and is located in Yesteryear Village, Palm Beach County Florida. However, the village is not it's original location. Riddle House was originally built in palm beach, but after many years of neglect, the city planned to demolish the historic victorian home. Continue reading

Haunted Legends: Alcatraz

It was home to some of the most notorious gangsters of the prohibition era, the likes of George "Machine Gun" Kelley, Alvin "Creepy" Karpis, and Al Capone have all spent time on "The Rock", better known as Alcatraz. Everyone, from kidnappers, to murderers, have all called Alcatraz home at one point. Even though its been closed since 1963, Continue reading

Haunted Battleship North Carolina | Real Ghosts?

The haunted ship was once an intricate part of Naval battles in WWII and earned 15 battle stars to prove her worth as a Naval weapon. Although it is not her war history that has put the Battleship NC at the center of attention in more recent years. Continue reading
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