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Paranormal subjects that don’t quite fit into any other category make their way here, to the general Paranormal category

Demon Names – Evil Has A Name

For many, demons are real and an intricate part of their understanding of the universe. For the religious, real demons are feared entities that loathe humanity. Demons are also a part of many different religions and cultures, even though they… Continue reading

The Strange Case Of The Polaroid Ghost Writer

We all know about evp's, ghost boxes and other ways that the living have attempted to speak to the dead. Although, one of the strangest cases of ghosts and spirit communication would have to be the Polaroid Ghost Writing case from Los Angeles, CA. Continue reading


You may have heard the term "Doppelganger" used before. However, many are unaware of the Doppelganger phenomenon and what it means to the paranormal world. So for those wondering, "What is a Doppelganger?" we will explore the origin and meaning in this article. Continue reading

Chinese Boy Born With Cat Eyes

Nong Youhui is a young Chinese boy, who lives in a southern China Village. At first glance, Nong seems like any other boy..Until he looks you in the eye. Unlike all other Asian children, Nong was born with piercing blue eyes. In addition to the blue pigment, he has baffled members of the medical community, with his apparent ability to see in total darkness. Continue reading

Real Zombies?

We've all seen the movies. Some of us are even expecting it to happen. Others have gone as far as preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse. (yes i'm talking to you) But Zombies aren't real.. Are they? Continue reading

History Of Halloween

Halloween has been deeply embedded into the culture of America and many other areas of the world for centuries. Children dressing up in costumes, tricks, treats, parties, haunted houses and many other scary things have been common on Halloween throughout history. Some even believe that the holiday is an evil or even Satanic celebration. But when did it all begin? What is the real meaning of halloween? Continue reading

10 Scary Things You Didn’t Know About The Exorcist

It is not surprising that The Exorcist has been voted the scariest horror movie of all time by Entertainment Weekly and Maxim. Just about anyone who has seen the movie can claim a 122-minute anxiety attack. When the theological thriller… Continue reading

Australian Mental Asylum Becomes Haunted Hot Spot

In the Tasmanian town of New Norfolk stories about apparitions, strange sudden smells and unearthly happenings at the site of the former mental asylum have been circulating the local community and more recently the internet. Continue reading

Creepy Deer Cam Photo

The image seen here may be old news to some of you, but has definitely managed to spark the curiosity of many people, including local news station in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Continue reading

Top 10 Haunted Hotels With Spooky Ghost Stories

Mystical orbs, ethereal apparitions, things that go bump in the night. A load of hooey you say? Then check in to one of the 10 most haunted hotels compiled by and test your tolerance for ghosts and the paranormal. Continue reading
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