Our Cryptozoology section is full of Cryptids and weird creatures that have yet to be identified by science


Chupacabra, otherwise known as "the goat sucker" is a creature much like the famous Bigfoot, that some people believe has yet to be discovered by science. Continue reading

Bigfoot Lures Researchers and TV Crews to Gibsonville NC

The small town of Gibsonville, NC has been described as "boring" by some of it's local residents. Although lately, the town has seen an increase in visitors. Some believe that Bigfoot himself has claimed Gibsonville as his home. Continue reading

The Legendary Bigfoot

The legendary Bigfoot has captivated the minds of both young and old for many years. Does he exist? Although there has never been any definite proof of the existence of Bigfoot or his counterparts, there are lots of stories, eyewitness accounts and "inconclusive" evidence gathered over the years. Continue reading

The Beast Of Dartmoor – Only A Legend?

Dartmoor is an area of moorland in south Devon, England that has become rather popular for strange creatures that are said to inhabit the 954 square mile area. Dartomoor is protected by National Park status and legend has it, that Satan himself sent beasts into Dartmoor. Continue reading

The Yeti

The Yeti, otherwise known as The Abominable Snowman, is what many believe to be the Himalayan version of America and Canada's Bigfoot. The descriptions and habits of both are described as the same, only The Yeti is found in the region of Tibet and Nepal and survives in a totally different climate as his North American Counterpart. Continue reading

New Loch Ness Monster Photo | Best Evidence Yet?

The photograph, which shows an object with three humps breaching the surface of the lake, is said to be the best evidence yet of what some claim is a monster lurking beneath the depths. Continue reading

Paranormal Creatures | Paranormal Videos

Strange and scary creatures. Real or fake? Continue reading
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