Our Cryptozoology section is full of Cryptids and weird creatures that have yet to be identified by science

“White Bigfoot” Video Analysis

This video features footage that was allegedly obtained in the backyard of a Pennsylvania man, known Bobywade. The footage has manages to stump a few experts, while some others believe it is nothing more than another clever Bigfoot hoax. Continue reading

The Black Beast Of Exmoor

Among the rolling hills of England, lurks a beast that has been stalking and devouring livestock for many years now. Most eyewitnesses describe the creature as cat like, with a long muscular body, small ears and an extraordinarily long tail. Continue reading

Woolly Mammoth Sighting In Siberia?

This video has gone somewhat viral and many are claiming that it shows a creature that is believed to have been extinct for over 4,000 years..The Woolly Mammoth. The footage is blurry, but does resemble the ancient creature. Continue reading

Real Proof Of Bigfoot?

Could it be? A group of scientists have recently proclaimed with 95% certainty that Bigfoot exists. At least his Siberian cousin does, according to the group that recently met in a town east of Moscow known as Tashtagol. Continue reading

The Vampire Beast Of North Carolina

This mystery begins in the small rural town of Bladenboro, NC over fifty years ago. In January of 1954, what has been called a "Vampire Beast" had the residents of Bladenboro and nearby towns horrified. Continue reading

The Jersey Devil | Leeds Devil

The New Jersey Devil is a legendary creature that is believed by many to inhabit the southern parts of New Jersey. Stories of the Jersey Devil date back many years. The oldest of which appear in old legends from the native american tribes within the area. The Lenni Lenape tribes called Pine Barrens area of southern New Jersey "Popuessing," which means "place of the dragon". Continue reading

The Montauk Monster | Is The Montauk Monster Real?

What is this strange and somewhat hideous creature? The debate is still open. Many claim that the Montauk Monster is a government experiment gone terribly awry. Continue reading

Mothman |The Legend of the Mothman

On a late November night in 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, WV were traveling past the West Virginia Ordnance Works, an abandoned World War II TNT factory, about seven miles north from Point Pleasant. They noticed two eerie red lights in the darkness by an old generator plant near the factory gate. Continue reading

Ogopogo | Canada’s Lake Monster

European settlers were the first to report seeing the now famous Ogopogo. The sightings occured back around 1872 when the area of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada was being colonized. There are Indian reservations in the Okanagan Valley and it is said that their ancestors believed that the monster was evil and to be feared. Continue reading

The Loch Ness Monster

As far as history can tell, the first recorded sighting of Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster or "Nessie" occured around 565 by Saint Columba, an Irish priest who was in the Highlands teaching Christianity. One day while walking near the loch, he Continue reading
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