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Mysterious Winged Being Filmed In Indonesia

Sometimes things can seem so fake..That they just may be real. The following footage shows what is being called a "winged being' by some and an extraterrestrial by others. Still others are saying that this footage has captured an image of the divine..A real angel. The footage was allegedly captured by security cameras in Continue reading

Are Angels Real? Real Angel Pictures

Are Angels Real? Many of us have often wondered whether or not there were real angels that walk among us. Angels are typically believed to be messengers of God and have been a part of almost every culture since the dawn of civilization. There are many people who do not share a belief in ghosts or spirits, but have an unshakable belief in Angels. Continue reading

Real Angel? Jerusalem Angel Footage

This footage is the same as seen in the popular "Jerusalem UFO" videos from this past year. However, when cleaned up and slowed down, many have claimed that the footage shows a Real Angel, Continue reading

Apparition of Virgin Mary Appears Over Africa

This video has caused quite a buzz on the internet as it appears to show the image of The Virgin Mary inside of the sun over Africa. The video was captured on April 20th 2011, in the Ivory Coast Continue reading

Ghost Videos: Vision of Ghost or Angel Caught On Film?

This video shows what many say could be a ghost, angel or possibly even the Virgin Mary caught on film. Continue reading

The Real Exorcism Of Emily Rose | Anneliese Michel

actual audio footage of the alleged demonic possession that inspired the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The actual girl that the film was based on was named Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was reported to suffer from major psychological episodes that lasted from age 16 until she died in 1976, at the young age of 23. Continue reading

Ghosts or Demons?

If you hunt ghosts long enough, you’ll eventually run into this situation: a client who believes his or her home is under demonic assault Continue reading

Real Demons | Are Demons Real?

Demons or Jinn appear in practically every culture and religion worldwide. Tales of demons date back to the beginning of recorded history and thousands of people worldwide still fear demons and the evil associated with them. Continue reading

Real Angel Picture?

Some say that this photograph is of an angel. Others say it's a ghost, while others claim it is nothing at all. What do you think? Continue reading

Guardian Angel or Ghost Picture?

This picture was at the scene of a horrible accident very shortly after the crash. Some say that this is an angel. Continue reading
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