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A variety of Paranormal Videos that have been collected on our website. Find Paranormal Videos containing Ghosts, Ufo’s and more.

Chinese Boy Born With Cat Eyes

Nong Youhui is a young Chinese boy, who lives in a southern China Village. At first glance, Nong seems like any other boy..Until he looks you in the eye. Unlike all other Asian children, Nong was born with piercing blue eyes. In addition to the blue pigment, he has baffled members of the medical community, with his apparent ability to see in total darkness. Continue reading

Apparition of Virgin Mary Appears Over Africa

This video has caused quite a buzz on the internet as it appears to show the image of The Virgin Mary inside of the sun over Africa. The video was captured on April 20th 2011, in the Ivory Coast Continue reading

Jerusalem UFO Footage | January 2011

This video contains three different pieces of footage from the recent January 2011 Jerusalem UFO sighting and are believed to be the original pieces of evidence that documented the Jerusalem UFO. Continue reading

The Real Exorcism Of Emily Rose | Anneliese Michel

actual audio footage of the alleged demonic possession that inspired the movie "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". The actual girl that the film was based on was named Anneliese Michel. Anneliese was reported to suffer from major psychological episodes that lasted from age 16 until she died in 1976, at the young age of 23. Continue reading

Is It Real? Levitating Girl In Russian Forest

Is it Real? This footage that shows what looks like a young girl mysteriously levitating in the woods somewhere in Russia has gotten nearly one million hits to date. Continue reading

Top Scary Ghost Adventures Moments

A video compilation of the best moments of Ghost Adventures. Continue reading

Scary Pop Ups | Foiled Again

OK lets face it. Most of us have ran into the ever so popular Scary Pop Ups while browsing the web. They are everywhere and the creators of Scary Pop Ups are getting more and more creative. Continue reading

Patterson Bigfoot Footage

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This is undoubtably the most famous Bigfoot Video ever. Filmed by Roger Patterson and often speculated as a hoax. What do you think? Real Bigfoot? Or Big Hoax?

Paranormal Creatures | Paranormal Videos

Strange and scary creatures. Real or fake? Continue reading
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