Bigfoot Lures Researchers and TV Crews to Gibsonville NC

  Local sightings and photographs of the mystery beasts footprints have lured Bigfoot researchers and television crews from the Animal Planet channel to the small NC town.

Bernadette and Leonard Braley weren’t very impressed with the muddy footprints outside their Gibsonville NC home at first. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the footprints were not normal and began to photograph and measure the footprints. The prints measured over 16 inches long and were about 12 feet apart, which makes whatever left them..Big.

Researchers believe that whatever left the footprints was running. Experiments by BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) with 6ft tall subjects, yielded around 6ft gaits while running. This would mean that the creature that left behind the footprints would stand 8-10 ft tall. This is something that has some local residents thinking twice about a midnight stroll.

Bernadette Braley was surprised when Animal Planet called and asked to film part of it’s upcoming Bigfoot documentary at her home. You see, the Braley’s are not the first to see the hairy ape like creature in the state recently. However, they are the first to report anything in the Gibsonville area. Although the photos were taken in October of last year, Animal Planet is currently making a film about the NC sightings of Bigfoot.

Braley stated that one of the first questions asked by the research team known as BFRO was whether or not she lived near any power lines. (which she does) The television station is apparently suspicious that Bigfoot may prefer to be near power lines. “They have concluded that Bigfoot sightings are around power lines because they like to run along the power lines and also because of the deer. “They like to eat deer or run with deer,” Bernadette Braley said.

Has Bigfoot taken up residence in North Carolina? Is Bigfoot even real? The mystery may never be solved, but folks in central NC are starting to believe.

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