Aspley House Pub Ghost Caught On Film?

Regulars at the Apsley House in Southsea, Hants, England have long talked about the ghostly presence of a former barman that lingers within the pub. Bar patrons have reported cold spots, feeling a “presence” in the bar and even having their drinks mysteriously topped off.

There have also been those who claimed to have seen the ghost, affectionately nick named “Reedy”, at Aspley House.  Although until recently, there were only ghost stories to tell. A man by the name of Paul Morgan, may have changed that.

He was snapping a picture of his friend during a retirement bash with his i phone. It wasn’t until later, that Morgan and friends noticed the mysterious face that appeared in the photograph. Many are claiming that this is a picture of “Reedy” the pub’s famous ghost. Morgan says that the ghostly image hasn’t slowed down business one bit. People are used to the Aspley House Ghost. Morgan stated:

‘The ghost is famous round here now and the pub wouldn’t be the same without him.

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