Ancient Astronauts

There are many people, some scientists included, who believe firmly that our civilization as we know it was influenced by ancient encounters with extraterrestrial life.

In 1966 a book entitled “Intelligent Life in the Universe” was published. It was written by two astrophysicists named I.S. Shklovski and Carl Sagan. It stated that “scientists and historians should seriously consider the possibility that extraterrestrial contact occurred during recorded history.

The scientists argued that “sub-light speed interstellar travel by extraterrestrial life was a certainty when considering technologies that were established or feasible in the late ’60s that repeated instances of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth were plausible” This of course, sparked much controversy.

Some argue that evidence of this ancient occurrence is right in front of our faces, in the form of The Great Pyramids, The Nazca Lines, Stonehenge and More. Claims are that some of these structures could not even be reproduced today and that these cultures were simply incapable of constructing these alone. In addition, most of these wondrous structures seem to be directly correlated with astronomy and the position of stars, planets etc. Many of these structures and images share striking similarities, although they were being created at different locations on the planet, where communication between the different builders would have been impossible. Could they have all been inspired by the same thing?

In fact, there were ancient hieroglyphics discovered that seemed to clearly depict modern day vehicles, such as helicopters, submarines and what appears to be a flying spaceship. Some argue that this is just coincidence from erosion, but it is a pretty big coincidence, considering that these glyphs are all together and look very purposeful. Erosion could explain one random image but forming more than a few modern day vehicles together would be a little more difficult. There are many ancient texts and drawings that depict what some believe to be extraterrestrial life. There are ancient writings by the Aztecs (considered one of the most mysteriously advanced cultures of it’s time) that tell of a fish like creature that taught them agriculture and other things. Many argue that ancient gods of these advanced cultures were in fact extraterrestrial visitors, which helped their societies to thrive, and construct the ancient marvels that still exist today.

A man by the name of Zecharia Sitchin is well known for his theories regarding this matter. Sitchin, based on ancient Sumerian texts, other worldly artifacts and various research methods believes that there is an undiscovered planet called Niburu. This planet is sometimes referred to as “Planet X”. This is the center of major controversy among the scientific community. Sitchin proposes that we were first visited by the “Annuki” about 450,000 years ago. The Annuki and the mystery planet are both referred to in ancient Sumerian myth and are an intricate part of their creation stories. Sitchin says that the Anuuki are also mentioned in the Bible, but are referred to as Nephilim.

There are other verses in the Bible which some claim is even more evidence of visits from extraterresrials.In the Old Testament, Ezekiel tells of a flying object seen as a fiery whirlwind which when descended to the ground gave the appearance of being made of metal. It is described among other things as a wheel within a wheel containing four occupants, “living creatures”, whose likeness was that of man.

The passage goes on to say that wherever the wheels went the creatures went, and when the living creatures were lifted up the wheels were lifted up. The apocryphal Book of Enoch tells of similar flying objects and beings, but goes further in that Enoch is taken on journeys to various corners of the Earth in the object and at one point even travels to the heavens. In several chapters of the Old Testament, the Hebrew God Yaweh is depicted as traveling as a column of smoke, fire and making the sound of a trumpet. These descriptions also describe Yahweh as a physical presence, not an abstraction. Yahweh is described raining lightning and stones down upon the enemies of the Hebrews. However, descriptions of the Hebrew God have also featured protecting wings and outstretched arms in the Psalms, features which may be considered contrary to theories of mechanical manifestations of God Additionally, the Ark of the Covenant has been identified by some theorists as having high technology that could have been made by extraterrestrials.

Ancient astronauts will remain a subject of deep interest for many people for years to come and is definitely one of the most fascinating subjects to investigate in the world. Did aliens help to form our civilization? Are we as some believe just an experiment from another civilization that was left to fend for itself? Who knows? But it is definitely interesting to think about.

Below is a video that you may find interesting. It is actual footage of modern day tribes in isolation and their reactions when confronted with advanced technology. The History Channel also has a popular television series called “Ancient Aliens” that provides many theories and evidence supporting the intervention of alien life throughout history. You can learn more about the Ancient Aliens series here Ancient Aliens

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