Amityville House : What Really Happened

Christopher Lutz has spent many years trying to escape the ghosts of his past. He has even changed his name to avoid the attention. Part of his childhood has been made famous because of the home he lived in as a child. Lutz lived at 112 Ocean Blvd, Amityville, New York..The Amityville “Horror” House.

Although his family only spent 28 days in the infamously evil house, it was enough to spawn all of the movies and books that you know of today.

Lutz has seen himself portrayed in various movies and books and has decided to tell what really happened at the Amityville House. Lutz claims that Hollywood has fabricated much of the haunted and evil tales that we have heard about Amityville. He does however, say that paranormal activities within the home were very real. Even today, Lutz claims that he is haunted by the events that occurred in his childhood home in 1975.

What the public was sold is not what happened. What really happened in that house is quite different from what people have been told all these years. I’ve been portrayed in two movies, and I’ve been portrayed in a book. I think it’s time to tell you what really happened. – Christopher Lutz

He says that the famous book, “The Amityville Horror”  (billed as a true story) is also guilty of stretching the truth. By the time Hollywood had the story, it had became pure fiction.

This is something that happened to me as a kid that I’d rather forgotten about. Unfortunately, the way this was made public, I haven’t had the opportunity to leave it behind me, Lutz said.

The haunting (or demonic infestation as some claim) was nevertheless real, according to Lutz. He claims that the events in the home would sometimes terrify him. In one example, he claims to have seen an apparition outside of his bedroom door, that frightened him tremendously.

Although popular belief is that a mass murder that happened inside the Amityville House before the Lutz family moved there was to blame, Lutz claims that his stepfather (George Lutz) had dabbled in the occult. He claims that George Lutz would recite the names of demons inside the home. Christopher Lutz believes that the rituals performed by his stepfather, combined with the tragic history of the home, is what sparked the haunting that has since been made so famous.

So is the Amityville House Really Haunted? One former resident says yes..But not how we have all been led to believe.

Original article:  The Real Amityville Horror Story

The Real Amityville Horror Documentary


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